Maša will be teaching two days of contemporary workshop at Ilijana Lončar Dance Workshop in Slavonska Požega. Dates are 13 & 14 th of December 2014. copyright by Jelena Janković

Don Juan in choreography of Maša Kolar danced by Bitef Dance Company is again on the repertoir.11 th of December in Bitef Theater at 8pm, Belgrade , Serbia. copyright by Jelena Janković

Maša was dancing in " The 12th International Aidstanzgala in Velodrom , Regensburg , Germany, on the 29 th of November 2014.Great cause to be part of! Dancing solo from " The memory of water" copyright by Gabriella Limatola

Zagreb premiere of Don juan was on 1st of October and Belgrade premiere was on 4th of October.Danced by Bitef Dance Company.More shows to come , check Bitef Dance Company by Jelena Janković