Zagreb premiere of Don juan was on 1st of October and Belgrade premiere was on 4th of October.Danced by Bitef Dance Company.More shows to come , check Bitef Dance Company by Jelena Janković

Teaching contemporary dance technique on Academy of dramatic art at University of Zagreb /Dance department as well as giving workshops in Belgrade , Zagreb , Šibenik , Varaždin and Bihač in this autumn by Vladimir Končar

Dance season 2014/15 ( including contemporary classes for advance level - tuesdays & fridays 21:15-22:30 )in ZKM is starting on 16th of September.Inscriptions are open from 8th of September in ZKM, Zagreb , by Jelena Janković

Maša was in Tokyo, Japan staging K2 ballet The 3rd Performance on 5th of August & she created two solos for Nishijima Ballet School which were performed on 12th of August. She also gave 3 days workshop in Nishijima Ballet Studio and worked with students of KK International. photo by Jelena Janković